In order to simply some technical issues with the gallery I’ve broken them into several sub-galleries. It increases their speed and usability.

There are currently four different “parent” galleries - Favorites, Family, Trapshooting, and Travels. I’m sure that over time these will evolve and develop into additional galleries of images.

Currently each main gallery consists of several smaller image galleries. The current breakdown is as follows:


  • Selected Images which consists of images that I’ve taken recently.
  • Personal Project which consists of images taken over the years of family, children, and other subjects that have some personal meaning for me and Lisa.
  • Family

  • Charles and Pam which are images of their vacation to Tennessee and Kentucky this summer.
  • July 11th with Lisa are images of a day that Lisa and spent wandering around Rutherford and the surrounding c0unties.
  • Trapshooting

  • Trapshooting are images from the early days when Nathan and Emma started shooting trap.
  • 2004 Grand American are images from the 2004 National Trapshooting Championships in Vandalia, Ohio.
  • 2005 Grand American are images from the last National Trapshooting Championship to be held in Vandalia, Ohio.
  • Images from the Tennessee SCTP Championship
  • Intimidators Practice is a collection of images from one of the practice sessions that Emma’s team had prior to the Grand American this year.


  • Dayton Art Institute consists of images from that wonderful art museum located in Dayton, Ohio.
  • Fall 2003 Bike Trip are images of a wonderful long weekend trip that Nathan and I took on our motorcycles through Fall Creek Falls and the Smokies.
  • The Old Stone Fort Gallery are images from a trip Lisa, Nathan, and I took on September 5th, 2005 to Manchester, Tennessee to see the old indian ruins located there.
  • Tennessee Renaissance Festival are images from a fun day wandering through this fairly large festival that comes to Tennessee every summer.
  • The museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base has one of the largest collection of historical aircraft in the country and is a wonderful place to spend some time.