Journey’s often begin in unusual ways. I guess I’ll do the usual thing and let you know a little bit from the ‘resume’ but they are generally only about dates, times, and tenures and not feelings, growth, and inspiration.

The bio that keeps getting used looks something like this:

David graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1980 with a degree in Doctrinal Studies (Bible) and minors in History, Greek, and Business. He then spent several years traveling and photographing nationally and internationally. His work was exhibited in numerous museums and galleries.

In 1994 he became interested in the new technological possibilities offered by the Internet and, with some partners, started Leapfrog Technologies, LLC which spun off Abilene ONLINE and BitStreet Internet. His focus became developing distance learning options by offering Internet access options in the numerous small towns, which comprise the Big Country of West Texas. He also founded a technology training company, which provided applications training to individuals and corporations in West Texas.

David was a founding board member for the National Center for Childrens Illustrated Literature (NICCL), and has served on a wide variety of non-profit and civic boards.  David has developed several online related ventures. In addition he taught classes and lectures at the Linebaugh Public Library, The St. Clair Street Senior Center, and Middle Tennessee State University and lectured at other locations around Tennessee.

He has spent the last several years consulting with technology companies and served as the Chief Financial Officer of a national wholesale service provider as well as Director of Sales and Marketing for a regional provider; in addition he consulted with a variety of companies regarding high tech issues and did a great deal of work in the Internet design and marketing arena.

Since January, 2007 he has served as a director in the College for Continuing Education and Distance Learning at Middle Tennessee State University.  His primary portfolio is to direct the marketing efforts of the college in addition to supervising the professional development division and doing whatever else his dean wants done.  He is currently completing a Master of Professional Studies in Strategic Leadership in preparation for a doctoral program in 2010.

David has been married to Lisa (a Tennessee native) for 27 years and has two children, Nathan (20) and Emma (15). His interests include mission work, reading, photography, motorcycle riding, and cooking.