It’s amazing how often we get things reversed. So often in life we find ourselves concentrating so much on the expedient that we forget the important.

Life seems to be full of conflicts and pressures that it is easy to overlook the critical issues in life. The constant pounding to produce…earn…bring results…finish…excel can easily replace those thoughts in our mind that encourage us to create and seek out efforts of lasting importance.

Most of the time the really important issues are not shoved in front of our faces every few minutes…rather they promoted by that still, small voice in the back of mind that, at best, we struggle to hear through the grind of daily life. Learning to be concious to that whisper is difficult. It is easy to allow the drone of normal activity to make us lose our focus on the valuable and important things.

It is very similar in concept to what I teach in my photography classes. I always tell my students that there are thousands of incredible photographs all around us everyday. We have to learn to develop an eye that is constantly seeking out those images. I find the best way to do that is to regularly reexamine all of those mundane items that we walk past everyday. Learn to see them in new light and from new angles. Learn to appreciate the beauty that is found in the familiar. Actively seek out those items that have become so commonplace to us and spend some time getting reacquainted and energized about them. When that happens suddenly you become aware of wonderful things around you and the world takes on a new shape.

Seeking out activities that are important enough to you to trade your life for takes that same kind of creative searching and constant examination of everything around you.

Is it hard?….yes. Is it time consuming?….somewhat. Is it important?…well we’ve all got only so much time on this earth and we need to realize that we trade some of the time for every activity that we do. I find that thinking along these lines encourages me to spend time wisely and it encourages me seek out functions and activities that have a sense of purpose and value.

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
Sir Winston Churchill