It’s amazing how little things can start long time traditions.

About 10 years ago my wife was ill for several days during the second week of February. On February 14th that year she finally started feeling a little better but still not very good. Cabin fever was setting in and if she didn’t get out of the house we’d all regret it.

Not feeling up to a “nice” dinner out she opted for cheap hamburgers at a local stand. Not having a sitter we had to take the kids with us. They sat quietly at a nearby table and Lisa and I had a chance to enjoy some conversation.

Ever since then our traditional Valentine’s dinner has been cheap burgers at some local joint. Sometime we’re alone but often we’re accompanied by children, friends, out of town guests, or other people.

If you listen to the morning radio shows on any given February 14th you’ll hear how people are planning huge romantic celebrations…expensive meals…jewelry…or other ‘traditional’ ways of demonstrating their love for their chosen ‘valentine.’

As for me - I’ll gladly settle for cheap hamburgers and quiet conversation. Truth be known, maybe we’re not the ones settling.