March 2005

I took my class on a field trip to Walgreens today so that they could learn how the walk up photo centers work. Everyone seemed to enjoy the trip and found the information valuable. I think that this will work well for them with the simplified interface system. A few of them made their own CD’s and a few prints - they were thrilled.

Next week we meet in the lab to learn how to do all of the photo editing manually. There are some advantages to using traditional photo editing software and they need to be made aware of them. Should be fun.

Today I started on the blogging journey. I’ve always enjoyed writing and photography - - and believe that this will be a good way of sharing both.

I’ve spent most of the day working on templates, plugins, etc. and haven’t settled on anything yet. Over the next few weeks I think that I can create the template that I’ll be happy with and find the plug ins that will do what I want.

Tomorrow is the field trip at the Senior Center to teach them how to use commercial printing gear for their digital cameras. It should be a lot of fun - I’ve got a good bunch of students there. Yesterday, Lisa and I went looking for a small digital camera for her to use. Selection and variety is so diverse that it makes deciding which one to go with a little intimidating. We’ll pick one for her in the next few weeks and turn her loose on her own creative ventures.