You know the type. Those people who just irritate you with their existence. Most folks I know tell me that there is at least one person like this in their life.

You do your best to live a quiet, serene life getting along with almost everyone you deal with. You treat people decently and honorably. You take care of the important issues in life and do your best not to sweat the small stuff.

And then they come along. Circumstances or events force you to deal with someone who just rubs you the wrong way. No matter how hard you try, being around them irritates you worse than a boil on your butt on a 10 day horseback ride.

Anger can be a thief that robs you of moments or potential happiness - and that kind of robbery is a real crime. So you structure your life to minimize your interactions with these catalysts of anger and stress.

You try to avoid these people because they anger you and, if you let it, that anger can ruin a perfectly pleasant day. In order to try to live a life you can be proud of you do your best to get along with everyone. But sometimes you just can’t do it. I struggle with whether or not that is a failure on my part or is it just the way things are.

After all, if Peter and Paul struggled with getting along with each other maybe it’s okay and you just have to accept it. Food for thought.

“Judge a man by the reputation of his enemies”

Why is it that we often leave certain important activities undone until it almost reaches crisis mode?

Today I spent the day finishing up some things that had been left over from that past several months. It feels good to finally get it off my desk and I can’t imagine why I didn’t get it done quicker.

“The organizational meeting of the procrastination club has been put off until next week”